Covariant Inc

H-Trust Operations

H-Trust Operations automate the execution of workflow on Windows, LINUX, UNIX and IBM® z/OS. It enables processes to be started from applications on one platform and execute on another. For example a mainframe application can initiate a UNIX script or .bat file on Windows by sending a request from the mainframe to the target platform, and then receive data including the result and other output data. One of the many uses for this is after performing an FTP file transfer from z/OS to a Windows, then enabling an application to be started there to process the data that has been transferred and return the result and output data.

Conversely, mainframe work can be initiated by applications executing on Windows, LINUX and UNIX and the return code and output data returned. These operations are integrated with security checks including the ability to use Kerberos cross platform authentication. This provides the means to perform event driven cross platform operations, securely and return results and output data.