Covariant Inc

Enterprise Security


We provide expert assistance with the implementation of industry standard cross platform authentication and security functionality.  It is essential that differing z/OS security systems such as RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret interoperate with LINUX/UNIX and Microsoft Windows security systems.

Kerberos is used to configure DB2 Connect on Windows and LINUX operating systems to connect with DB2 on z/OS for major organizations. As security, audit and regulatory requirements are addressed, this eliminates the need for password transmission.  We provide supplementary consulting services to configure and implement DB2 or DB2 Connect, adding definitions to both z/OS security and Kerberos systems in addition to customizing IBM® DB2 Connect plug-ins.

Our company is proficient in Kerberos enablement of vendor products which are not natively Kerberos aware, specifically in cross platform connections from IBM® System Z including CICS to SAP, Sybase, Oracle, ESB technologies, Tomcat and other distributed infrastructure and servers.  Utilizing a multi-layered approach, we ensure you benefit from the maximum security and user convenience provided by integrated standard security protocols.

We also provide assistance to configure transparent SSL (IBM® AT-TLS) for secure TCP/IP connectivity and LDAP directory services.